Ratrix Technologies is an early stage company commercializing multi-dimensional signal decoding technology developed at Georgia Tech. Two GT Professors, Xiaoli Ma, PhD, IEEE Fellow and David Anderson, PhD., founded Ratrix as part of the GT VentureLab program, and have since received several NSF SBIR grants to commercialize the technology as IP Cores and embedded implementations.

Ratrix Advantage:
Ratrix Technologies develops revolutionary technology to maximize data throughput and spectral efficiency of wireless communication systems. Our novel, patent pending solutions enable high order MIMO decoders with exceptional accuracy and superior link robustness, resulting in faster data rates over a greater coverage area. These baseband PHY detectors are available as licensable IP cores for SOC integration or for embedded implementations using DSP, FPGA or similar platform.

Ratrix Expertise:
- High dimension signal processing algorithms
- Efficient algorithm implementation via software and/or hardware
- DSP, FPGA and/or RTL design to match your desired platform
- IP cores for SOC integration
- DSP accelerator cores
- Verification test benches
- Custom design services